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Information Security

As technology evolves so does the growing threat to enterprises. At AvaVii Consulting, we consider network security a top priority. Our goal is to provide you with best of breed solutions to secure your data at rest and in transit. We also recognize the need for remote workers and as such, provide solutions that enable a distributed workforce to reliably and securely connect to internal systems. We implement a layered security approach that addresses the security concerns across the network. Our solutions include:

  • Desktop Security
  • Network segmentation
  • Firewall
    • Installation and support
    • Policy review
    • Upgrades and/or migrations between different vendors
  • IDS/IPS implementation and support
  • IPSEC/SSL VPN connection to support telecommuters
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
Information Technology Support

At AvaVii Consulting, we provide IT support for small and medium-sized companies. Our support services includes both on-site and remote support. Here are some of the IT support services we offer:

  • Install/reinstall operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 10; Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016)
  • Computer operating system upgrade
  • PC hardware install and configuration
  • Virus removal
  • Business application installation and support
  • Planning and implementation of a backup solution
  • Office network installation
  • Printer install and configuration (wired, wireless)
  • Wireless network setup, configuration, and support
  • Information systems upgrade (desktops, laptops, and servers)
  • Office relocation
  • Backup and restore
Information Technology Advisory
  • IT due diligence
    • Information systems assessment
    • IT infrastructure assessment
    • IT security assessment
    • IT budget assessment and analysis
Software and hardware procurement

Software and Hardware procurement, in our opinion, should be strategically aligned with the goals of an organization, and not treated as an afterthought. As a small or medium-sized business owner, we understand that you have to wear many hats in order for your business to survive, and as a result, you may not have a structured procurement process in place.

At AvaVii Consulting, we consider ourselves as a strategic partner to small and medium-sized companies. When it comes to procurement, our number 1 goal is to ensure our clients are not overspending on software or hardware, due to unnecessary costs. To ensure our clients receive “Bang for the buck”, we will evaluate costs from several different vendors to ensure competitive pricing.

Vendor Management

Do you purchase your IT software and hardware devices (laptops, desktop, servers, etc.) from your local box store or from discount websites? If yes, are you confident that you are getting value for money? Not sure? Let us help you with this.

We completely understand that you do not have the time to research and source IT vendors, obtain and compare quotes (a minimum of 3), negotiate contracts and prices, manage relationships with said vendors, while evaluating their performances and ensuring all payments are made on or before due dates.

Vendor management is more than procuring cheap IT paraphernalia from your local suppliers. It involves developing relationships with vendors so they can assist you with achieving your strategic goals.

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