A leading provider of Human Resource Services and Solutions in the Durham region

  • Job postings
  • Reviewing and shortlisting candidates
  • Interviewing
  • Skills testing
  • Reference checking
  • Negotiations
  • Implementation of non-disclosure policies
  • Offer letters
Orientation/Onboarding program development: 
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Company processes
  • Benefit orientations
Benefit program implementation: 
  • Sourcing benefit plans that will fit your company’s needs
  • Sourcing employee assistance programs that will fit your company’s needs
Management of both short term and long term disability claims 
Health & Safety: 
  • Creating standard operating procedures for equipment and processes 
  • Emergency procedure development
  • Accident investigations 
  • Facilitating a work well audit by the Ministry Of Labour 
  • Compliance with Ministry of Labour orders 
  • Development of risk assessments 
  • Early and safe return to work program implementation
Facilitation of maternity and parental leaves


  • Workplace harassment training/ Bill 132 (Ontario’s harassment and sexual violence legislation)
  • Bill 168 training (Workplace violence)
  • AODA training
  • Job description development
  • Job ratings
  • Pay scale/pay grid development
Organizational Behaviour: 
  • Facilitating personality testing such as Thomas DISC, True Colors, and Myers Briggs
  • Team building program development
Facilitation of employment standard audits
Human Resources Planning: 
  • Reorganizations
  • Realignments
  • Amalgamations/Acquisitions
  • Strategic planning
Disciplinary conversations
Workplace harassment investigations/Investigating employee complaints and concerns: 
  • Initial interviews
  • Detailed investigations
  • Conclusion
  • Follow-up
  • Evaluation
Performance plan implementation
Outplacement services:
  • Career development
  • Job sourcing