AvaVii Consulting INC provides a unique blend of Information Technology, Human Resources, and Accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses located in Toronto and the GTA.

Our main objective is to save our clients time and money by managing their day-to-day IT, HR and Accounting activities. This allows business owners and their senior management team to focus on developing long-term goals, strategic objectives and scaling their business by focusing on their core competence. Our ‘multispecialist’ team presents a diversity of education and professional background in Network Security, Information technology Advisory, Human Resources planning, and Finance.

We understand that as a small or medium-sized business owner, you have to wear many hats to ensure that your business is successful in today’s competitive climate.  We also understand that you will have to focus your efforts on a daily basis on staffing, accounting, procurement and inventory management, marketing; and most importantly, providing top notch customer service to your customers. This is no small feat and you should be commended; however, if not planned properly, these daily tasks will consume your time, focus, and efforts which may result in you not having the time to focus on strategic management and scaling your business.

AvaVii Consulting INC was created by a group of professionals with varying degrees of expertise in Information Technology, Accounting, and Human Resources. By joining forces, we intend to leverage the experience and knowledge of each partner so that we can provide our customers with first-class services.

AvaVii, what does it really mean?

AvaVii Consulting, our commitment to excellence is defined by our brand:

A – Accountability

V – Value

A – Attentive

V – Visionary

I – Involved

I – Innovative